June 2019

“”I made a huge gamble taking over this club. I then made a lot of sensitive changes in the club and invested in a record young player squad for div2. When the results do not sit as desired (2-0-6), the club now chooses to break my contract, which I respect. We have had indescribable bad luck with injuries and results, but I am very proud of my work at the club and hope that the club will be above the relegation line after the season as well” VL

April 2019

After a long and eventful pre-season, it is now time for the league to start.

*We have had a long pre-season with a lot of rotation in the new squad that has been created during these three months. Now it is finally time for the season to start really. We have many young and talented players who will be very excited to follow the development.” Vladan

Interview with Jönköpingsposten about Vladan and the 2019 season.

January 2019

Interview with Råslätt SK TV abput the 2019 season.

After a very eventful month of january with many players on tria, and some new players signed, we are finally ready for the friendly matches in February.

December 2018

Vladan Ladan – Råslätt SK

On December 21, 2018, it finally became clear.
Vladan has signed a one-year contract with an option for an extension for Råslätt SK in Jönköping.

“It feels very good! A very exciting club with a lot of development potential in a short time and also a very fun series waiting next season. I look forward to this very much!”

Jönköping Posten writes about Råslätt SK signing Vladan Ladan

J-Nytt writes about Råslätt SK signing Vladan Ladan

July – November 2018

During June, Vladan was in talks with several interesting clubs for a new training job. Unfortunately, they could not agree on a suitable contract and Vladan chose to decline the assignments.

After a holiday in Croatia, Vladan chose to travel and visit good friends in different clubs around Sweden for continued education and experience.

Throughout the autumn, Vladan has worked as a teacher and student assistant in a school in the hometown Växjö.

May 2018

29/5 – Efter ett långt möte på tisdagskvällen så valde Vladan att under onsdagen meddela styrelsen att han lämnar klubben. Klubben tog detta negativt och ville hitta en lösning genom att erbjuda honom pengar för att berätta om en annan orsak än den egentliga.

När Vladan tackade nej, så gick klubben ut till tidningen och meddelade att de “sparkar honom” istället. Otroligt oproffesionelt och orespektlöst då ett dokument om uppsägningen skrivits och skickats via mail.

“Efter att under väldigt lång tid varit oense om olika ting med sportchefen , fick jag under tisdagens möte reda på att styrelsen inte ens visste om de flesta punkter som jag tog upp.
Då insåg jag att jag inte kunde jobba sådär.
Jag fick tidigare också ingen större respons från sportchefen när det gällde olika rasistiska punkter och döds önskan mot mig och en annan ledare, som för mig är omänskligt.
Då var det över för mig!”

Vladan valde via facebook att tacka för sin tid i klubben och önska all lycka framöver. En otroligt fin klubb med massor med potential, men också ett par personer som förstör allting.

MVT – Varför Vladan Ladan lämnar MAIF

Fram till dess hade Motala AIF FK fått bästa seriestarten på flera år och hade varit obesegrade hemma på Idrottsparken på 9 matcher. 8-1-0 och 33-14 i målskillnad fick Motala publiken se.

April 2018

After a heavy loss in the premiere, Motala AIF has recovered. April month then ends with 2 wins at the Idrottsparken and 7 recorded points on 4 matches so far.

“Unfortunately, we had a bad shape, in the wrong time after a long pree-season. We are now looking better and better for each week and May month will be very interesting.”

Vladan Ladan
Vladan Ladan – Motala AIF FK

Vladan now has 7 straight wins at the Idrottsparken with his Motala AIF since he took over. The goal difference is impressive 29-12.

Mars 2018

The last training match was played 31 mars during this long preparatory part.
During the pre-season, Motala AIF FK has played 9 games, winning 6 and losing 3 with the goal difference 24-15 in total.
At home at the Idrottsparken they have been strong, with 5 straight victories and the goal difference 21-6.

MAIF - Rosengård
MAIF – Rosengård



Motala AIF FK
Motala AIF FK



















In the end of mars, Motala AIF FK was on pre-season camp in Side, Turkey.
“We had wonderful training conditions and a lot of time to get to know each other and prepare for the start of the series. We are now ready for a very exciting season. ” Vladan Ladan

February 2018
Goalkeeper Ylber Gubetini from IF Sylvia has signed for Motala AIF FK.

In February, the training matches began. Vladans Motala AIF FK has won four straight matches during this cold month. The results 4-0, 4-2, 4-1, 3-1 against good teams are pleasing.

Vladan Ladan Motala
Vladan Ladan Motala

“Of course, I am very pleased with the results, but even more satisfied with the way we deliver them. We are already playing a very fast pace, where we create lots of goal chances and nice patterns in our game.” Vladan Ladan

January 2018

The defender from New Zealand Joe Harris and the striker Leonardo Souza from Brazil signed for Motala AIF FK in January.

“I am very pleased with the new players as they contribute very high quality but also with good attitude to training and to the way we will play.” Vladan Ladan

December 2017

In December, Motala AIF’s first transfer in the form of Fadel Youssif was presented, and also Vladan Ladan’s former colleague from Östers IF, Hans Anderzon was presented as assistant coach.

Interview with MVT media
October 2017


Corren/MVT write about the signing
27 october Vladan Ladan signs a three-year contract with the division two club Motala AIF FK.

“I am extremely grateful for the confidence in this job, which is a big step in my career. I have huge demands on everyone and, of course, myself, to deliver.” Vladan Ladan

September 2017

Emirates – Arsenal – Vladan Ladan
Modou Barrow – Reading – Vladan Ladan
Mateo Kovacic – Real Madrid, Vladan Ladan

Vladan spent all of July, August and September in Croatia, Bosnia and England. Visited various clubs, matches and soccer icons in the area, all for inspiration for the future.











March 2017


5/5 Corren write about Vladan leaving Åtvidabergs FF
In March, Vladan announced the club that he would work until the summer break and then step off as Head of Academy of Åtvidaberg FF.

“I am grateful for all the experience I have received in Åtvidaberg during this year. But,  I miss working with results, winning and losing. Im a young coach, and im hungry for more. “

January 2017

Lars Lagerbäck - Vladan Ladan
Lars Lagerbäck – Vladan Ladan


In the end of January, Vladan was on a big coach conference in Gothenburg where all Swedish elite clubs’ coaches and sports managers had gathered. wrote about Vladan Ladan s and Lars Lagerbäck s thoughts about the conference.



Despite a couple of interesting options and a concrete offer from a top club in Swedish division one,  Vladan Ladan choose to continue working as head of academy in Åtvidabergs FF 2017.

“I enjoy the association and I feel we have a very exciting and challenging year ahead of us. We have many talented players that will be developed tremendously during the year.”

December 2016

Vladan Ladan SvFF SEF
Vladan Ladan SvFF SEF

In early December, Vladan Ladan ended his “Director of Academy education” program in Stockholm. In addition, he took the certification to be able to teach in the UEFA C-diploma program.

November 2016

In early november, Vladan Ladan visted Swansea and Modou Barrow, the player he previously coached in Osters IF youth in 2008.

Vladan Ladan - Modou Barrow
Vladan Ladan – Modou Barrow

Fantastic days in Swansea, which ended with the Premier Legue game Swansea City – Manchester United (1-3). A game where Barrow played 45 min and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored two goals for his Manchester United.

October 2016

Vladan Ladan Video interview with ÅFF-TV after signing new deal.

Vladan sign new deal with Åtvidabergs FF as Director of Academy and U19 coach.

3/10 2016 – Vladan sign new deal with Åtvidabergs FF as Director of Acamdemy and U19 coach.


September 2016

In september Vladan had an education for the Åtvidabergs FF academy coaches. More to come.

Vladan Ladan, Åtvidabergs FF
Vladan Ladan, Åtvidabergs FF

Vladan Ladan takes over Åtvidabergs FF U19 team. They win the District Cup, for the first time since 2013. In the final they beat AFK Linköping 4-0!

They also secured a new contract in the Allsvenskan Norra for the 2017 season.


August 2016

During the month of August Vladan took over the Åtvidabergs FF U19 team as responsible coach. And was also away on a lot of interesting programs for the Academy directors through the Swedish Football Association.

Björn Andersson and Vladan Ladan
Björn Andersson and Vladan Ladan

Here, along with Bayern Munich’s legendary Academy manager and scout for 25 years, Björn Andersson ..

July 2016

In July Vladan Ladan visited his good friend Nermin Basic, who is the head coach of NK Metalleghe BSI in the Bosnian top league, the Premier League. He has done a fantastic trip with the club from the third league, through the second league and now the club is for the first time in the top league.

Nermin Basic & Vladan Ladan
Nermin Basic & Vladan Ladan

Many ideas were changed, and many plans for the future began.

May 2016

Vladan Ladan - Åtvidabergs FF
Vladan Ladan – Åtvidabergs FF


On May 23, writes Vladan on contract as development manager at Åtvidabergs FF. Kontratet extends to 30/11 in 2016, with an option.

“I am grateful for the confidence and ready to make an impression in a very interesting club with a lot of talented players”VL

“A very good signing that shows that we are serious about investing in our talent. We see it as an important investment in the future of the club. One way to get more young players to choose Atvidaberg, says Joachim Hilding, sporting manager of the AFF Board.”

April 2016

Vladan Ladan
Vladan Ladan celebrate victory with the players

After two games, Vladan chose to step off the assignment as coach of FC Linkoping. The club chose to hire a manager, which changed Vladans tasks. The club did everything to Vladan would accept the new role, but he chose instead to find a solution with the club to leave. The players made an attempt to get Vladan to change his decision, but was impossible.

“Although it was not as I had imagined,  I want to thank for the time and wish my colleagues, the players and the club all the best for the future.”

Vladan about leaving FC Linköping City about leaving FC Linköping City


The site Hemmaplan and paper did a long Podd-interview with Vladan Ladan, about his carrer so far, and the future. Listen to it HERE

podd-vill-bli-bast-i-sverige – Vladan Ladan

March 2016

Vladan Ladan Dinko felic
Vladan Ladan and Dinko Felic

March 1 it was official that the former Allsvenskan and Superettan player Dinko Felić, sign a contract for FC Linkoping City.

“I know Dinko since before and i know which capacity he has. I’m very happy that he chose to play for us and he will give us a whole new dimension to our game.” Vladan Ladan

Corren writes about the transfer of Dinko Felic

January 2016

Long interview about Vladan Ladan with the newspaper

Vladan Ladan - FC Linköping City
Vladan Ladan – FC Linköping City


Vladan Ladan Linköping Arena
Vladan Ladan Linköping Arena





December 2015

Vladan was on vacation in Mexico, Cancun in December. At the same time his new club FC Linking City presented three new players for the 2016 season. The three new players are Gabriel Bulut, Filip Svenberg and Besart Kalludra.

“We get three very experienced players who have played at a higher level, and will add a lot to our club and the investment that the club wants to do to take the next step. I’m very pleased with the news and look forward to get started with the pre-season. ” Vladan

Interview with Besart Kalludra at

November 2015

During a press conference on November 27, Vladan Ladan wrote on the contract as new head coach of Division 2 club FC Linkoping City.
The contract is valid until 2016-10-31

Vladan Ladan - FC Linköping City 2016
Vladan Ladan – FC Linköping City 2016

“I am very happy and proud to get this chance of FC Linkoping City, and I feel ready for this challenge. I want to thank my former clubs Östers IF and GIF Hvetlanda for education and development that I have received” writing from the press conference

October 2015

Vladan Ladans former club Hvetlanda GIF did not manage to save the new contract in div 3, when they lost in the qualifiers for relegation.
Vetlanda Posten wrote a chronicle about Vladan Ladan and how the club fell after his dismissal this summer.

Vetlanda Posten about VL and Hvetlanda GIF

“I am very surprised and sad that it ended with relegation for the club. I never thought ever that we could go out. And I had never left the club if I did not believe that the new contract was secured even before the break.”

September 2015

In September VL traveled and visited various clubs and colleagues to bring new lessons and inspiration.

August 2015

During the month of August, Vladan Ladan is visiting a lot of football matches and good friends in many different clubs for further good contact and new experiences for the future,

Åge Hareide and Vladan Ladan


Vladan together with Malmö FF coach Åge Hareide.
Vetlanda Posten write about Vladan Ladan and about the future..

“I have had a very much needed vacation and I’m now ready for new missions. I already have a couple of interesting offers, which I’m very grateful for. However, I will travel and do some study visits of some clubs in Scandinavia, before I decide for future jobs.” VL

July 2015

Vladan chose to leave Hvetlanda GIF after 3,5 years in the club.
After amazing 20 points as newcomers, before the break. Vladan Ladan chose to break his contract with the club due to exhaustion.
Vladan is now without a contract from the month of August.

Vladan Ladan

Vetlanda Posten writes about VL leaving Hvetlanda GIF







June 2015

After 10 matches have amassed 17 points. Unfortunately, they lost the crucial derby match against MVFK 0-2. (video)

“Although we lost this very important derby match, we took a giant step forward in the development of the young players and the club. I am proud and the future is bright ”

Vladan Ladan

After 8 games played, Vladans Hvetlanda GIF has amassed 14 points and are located on a secure 5th place in the series. (8-4-2-2 / 14-14)

“I am very pleased with the start of the league, where we clearly demonstrated that we as newcomers can challenge the top teams in the series.” VL

May 2015

May 9, Hvetlanda GIF wins 4th straight game in the series, when they defeated Aneby 1-0! Before the game interviewed Småland magazine Vladan Ladan along with legendary Swedish national team goalkeeper Thomas Ravelli


Vladan and Hvetlanda GIF is celebrating the third consecutive victory in the series.
Hvetlanda GIF – Lindö FF 4-2!

 April 2015

Interview after 2-1 victory against BK Derby (19 april 2015)


Vetlanda Posten interview Vladan Ladan about the 2015 season.

At the beginning of the month of april, Hvetlanda GIF went on a very successful training camp in Landskrona, Sweden. All for the best possible preparation for the season starting March 19 at home against BK Derby at Heds Arena.

“Although we’ve had a lot of injury worries during the preseason, we are now ready for the tough season ahead. I would have liked two new players further to increase the competition in the squad and be fully satisfied. I hope we can find solutions under summer window. “VL

March 2015

Hvetlanda GIF has now made clear with the Croatian Juro Pejic for the coming season. Vladan is very pleased with the transfer.

PejicVL“Juro is a technical central midfielder who will give us a new dimension to our attacking game. He is working hard for the team and raises his teammates.”

Vetlanda Posten

January 2015

In January, Vladan did an interview with football site about his career so far …   The interview with

December 2014

Just before Christmas, Vladan made clear with his latest transfer Elmedin Kvrgic, the striker who will move to Vetlanda in early January to play for Vladan in Hvetlanda GIF.

Elmedin Kvrgic & Vladan Ladan

“The squad begins to be formed in a nice way and I’m glad we have received Elmedin in the squad.”VL

Vetlanda Posten write about the transfer

The other players have signed new contracts with the club.

12 december Vladan went up to Atvidaberg with his mentor Roar Hansen, when he was announced as the new coach of Åtvidabergs FF in Allsvenskan.


“Very nice people and a very nice club that I will follow closely in the future.” VL

November 2014

On Thursday November 20, Vladan Ladan wrote a new 1 + 1 year contract with Hvetlanda GIF. He will have a new title as head coach / sports manager of the club.


Vetlanda Post writes about Vladan new contracts


Hvetlanda GIF has offered Vladan a new 2 year contract, while there has been plenty on the internet about Vladan would be considered for Osters IF.

Vladan interviewed by Vetlanda Post about this!

“I am enormously grateful to Hvetlanda GIf offered me a new contract and would also give me a bigger role than just the head coach of the club. It will take some time for me to take a decision on the future.” VL

October 2014

In October, Vladan and players have been vacant from organized training. Vladan has gone on holiday to Turkey, but also visited the clubs IFK Gothenburg and Helsingborgs IF in educational purpose.

Helsingborgs IF coach Roar Hansen and Vladan Ladan
Helsingborgs IF coach Roar Hansen and Vladan Ladan

Vladan has been nominated for Coach of the Year in the region of the newspaper Vetlanda Post. The winner is declared at the beginning of November.

September 2014


About the promotion

Vladan fick helt rätt! (VP)

Hvetlanda GIF klara för division 3!

In the twentieth round of the series Hvetlanda GIF secured a promotion to Division 3!

As newcomers, it is mightily impressive feat, as most expected the team would struggle to avoid relegation.

“I’m incredibly proud of the effort that my team does in 2014!
We lost several of our most skilled players for the season, but many of the younger players performed at a very high level and made this possible.
We are responsible for a huge sensation when we are ready for promotion when there are two games left to play.

I have worked incredibly hard with this team for three years, and I’m  extremely happy that my methods worked well.”
August 2014

After the summer break has Hvetlanda GIF played fantastically well.
On the four opening games has recorded 10 points, and they now find themselves in second place in the series, with six games left!

On August 16, Hvetlanda won against Tjust IF with incredible 8-0, which is a new victoryrecord for Vladan Ladan..

“My player shows up an amazing confidence and work tremendously hard for the team to be able to stay at the top of the table. Now we just have to keep everyone fresh and charged for important last matches” VL

July 2014

After 12 rounds Hvetlanda has as newcomers collected 22 points. There are as many points as they collected throughout the 2012 season! It is again a great testament to the tremendous development that the players have got, even when four players left for a higher division.

Vladan and Hvetlanda IF goes on summer rest as four in the table, two points behind the direct promotion. It will be an exciting autumn!

Vladan collects the squad again on July 21 at home on Heds Arena, before the weekend go on a training camp in Bastad again.

June 2014

HvGIF have as newcomers in div 4 Elite, took 16 points at the nine preliminary rounds. They continue to show their strength at home above all, they’ve won 4 of 5 games at home so far.

“I am very pleased with the start of the season, although there has been a bit too much rotation in the squad. I would have preferred that we brought in more points.
The guys are working well and the group is developing all the time “


April 2014

15/4 Before the start of series Vetlanda Post did a video interview from training, with Vladan Ladan.

you can see the video here

17/4 Hvetlanda GIF begins the series with a very impressive victory by 4-1 against Alstermo. A fantastic team effort that delighted Vladan.


After a tough pre-season with very high rotation in the squad, it’s time for the premiere.

“The results have not been as we wanted this pre-season, and at the same time we got rid of our two best scorers who went to div 2 club Vimmerby.
This season, I hope that the other players step up and take more responsibility. It will be an interesting year, as newcomers.” VL

February 2014

In February, Vladans Hvetlanda GIF played in a four-day tournament in Vaxjo, Smaland where 32 teams participated. HvGIF made it all the way to the semifinals, then unfortunately lost against a team from a higher division.

“A very impressive feat of my boys, where we play great football, both creatively and tactically. Unfortunately it was not enough all the way this time. I’m very proud of our effort.”

January 2014

2014 preseason has started. Hvetlanda GIF has managed to recruit a few good players who will compete for the spots in the starting eleven.
It looks promising right now, but a lot can happen before the series start in April

December 2013

“I want to thank all friends, players, colleagues and family for a great eventful 2013. I have the good fortune to work with something that I really love and get to meet an incredible number of great people along the way.

Thanks for everything! :)
New year, new opportunities!”
November 2013

Vladan has today 7/11 2013 extended his contract with Hvetlanda GIF, and it means that he will lead the club even in 2014.

“I’m very happy with our solution and how the club is right now. I’m looking forward to next season and we’ll develop even more.”

Vetlanda Posten write about the signing of new deal

October 2013

28 October Vladan Ladan received UEFA A Diploma after attending training over Swedish Football Association in 2013.

“A very important step for my future, now I need to accumulate more experience before moving on to the UEFA Pro”


The local newspaper did an interview with Vladan Ladan, about how he was considered for a job in the Croatian club Hajduk Split. Unfortunately, it did not become a reality for now.


October 2013
Vladan and his Hvetlanda GIF won Div 4 NW after a fantastic season.
54 points in 22 matches, and the goal difference 82-23!

“I’m incredibly happy about how we play this season. I am very proud of my players and leaders, who made this possible.
That I can win my first title at the age of 26, I’m very proud of.



Hvetlanda GIF has top form after the summer break, they have seven straight wins in the fall. With fantastic goal difference 37-6.

“We play really good football, and creates an enormous number of scoring chances every game. We are now the league leaders when there are three games left to play. “


August 2013

Vladans contract with Hvetlanda GIF expires 30th November 2013. The club has now offered Vladan an extension of 2 years.

“I am very happy for the club’s appreciation of my work and also very grateful for the new offering. Meanwhile, I need time to make a decision.”

July 2013

Hvetlanda GIF has 28 points in 12 games during the spring.
Now the players and Vladan are free for 3 weeks until the summer preseason starts 22/7.
Vladan is traveling to Croatia and Bosnia for holiday.

“we are in second place ahead of the holiday, one point behind leader Hallby.
Now we are getting much-needed rest before the fall season starts.”

June 2013

At the Swedish nationalday 6/6 Hvetlanda GIF played against Egnahem and won 4-1 (0-1)
Vladan was very proud of the team!

May 2013

After eight league rounds is Hvetlanda GIF in a clear first place with 19 points!
6-1-1 and 24-9 goal difference!

“I’m very pleased with the fine form we have shown up in spring, and hope we can hold out for summer break, as league leaders!”

April 2013

After the longest pre-season, it’s finally time for the league start. 19/4
Vladans Hvetlanda GIFs are rated as the 3rd best team in DIV4 according to betting site offering six times the money on Hvetlanda GIF, to win the league.
Vladan is looking forward to this season enormously!

March 2013

1st March 2013 Vladan travels to Stockholm/Bosön.
Part 1 of 4, of the education for the UEFA A diploma is on the schedule.
Vladan  is really looking forward to this.

February 2013

Hvetlanda GIF scorer Simon Alexandersson (20) is traveling to England, to train with two clubs, Gillingham and Reading.

January 2013

*Preparations for the new season has begun and Vladan is very pleased with them players that the club has managed to bring in. Hakan Öksuz, Simon Claesson (Myresjö IF) & Joakim Du Rietz (Vetlanda FF).

*Hvetlanda GIFs youngest player in the A squad Bajram Haziri (15 years) has been invited by the Allsvenskan clubs Osters IF & IF Elfsborg, but also Superettan club Jönköping Södra IF.
The club’s decision to invest in young players by bringing Vladan Ladan as coach is already having results


December 2012

Vladan Ladan get the news that he is one of 48 people in Sweden that are selected  for the UEFA A license in 2013. VL is looking  forward to this very much, as it is an important step in the education.


October 2012

Young Hvetlanda GIF made a better autumn season, it is unfortunately not enough to cope new contract!             22 points in 22 games was unfortunately not enough to avoid relegation!

Vladan think that the young players have developed enormously and that he can build on these young players, to compete for promotion next season!

July 2012
Half the season is finished and Hvetlanda GIF is as expected in the bottom of the table, on a 11th place of 12 teams. 3 wins and 8 losses in 11 matches.

Many young players have shown great quality, and offensively we have made 4th most goals in the series. Players born 1992 – 1997 impresses against older opponents.

The second half of the season will be interesting.

April 2012
During February, March and April Hvetlanda GIF played nine friendlies in which they won 7 times, 1 tie and 1 loss. In those nine games, they scored 28 goals, and let in 14 goals.

Vladan Ladan is very pleased with the results and with the game, but believes it will become much tougher in the series.

February 2012
After several weeks of practices Vladan Ladan selects squad for the 2012 season in Div 4 Elit Västra!
A young squad is picked, where the average age is just under 18 years! It is expected to be a tough season for this young team. The goal is to develop young players!

January 2012
Vladan Ladan sign a contract with Hvetlanda GIF which is for 2 years with an option to extend for a further year for season 2014. Vladan is moving to Vetlanda, located 80 kilometers from Växjö!
In an interview with Vetlanda Posten he says that he looks forward to this mission.
The club wants to invest in developing their own young players!

December 2011
Vladan Ladan contract with Östers IF expires after 4 years and he leaves the club in 2011. He thanks the club and the staff for four unforgettable years by a twitter and facebook statement!


2011 Assistant Coach Östers IF TipsElit boys born 1992 – 1995 + School Instructor

2010 Assistant Coach Östers IF TipsElit boys born 1991-1994 + School Instructor

2009 Assistant Coach Östers IF PojkAllsvenskan boys born 1993/1994 + School Instructor

2008 Head Coach Östers IF boys born 1992/1993